3 Proven Steps to Get Out of Single Life

There was some breaking news on TV but I didn’t care about it. I was sobbing into my pillow. Yet again I was disappointed after a hot date I had previously that night. This time I really thought the guy was different. I really wished he would be different.

“Aaaah!” The pillow I threw knocked over the vase my friend gave me for my last birthday. It shattered into thousand pieces, and I didn’t even notice it.

“How could this be? Why am I always single? What is wrong with me? Everybody else has someone to love, but me!”

That was not true. I had a lot of single friends, but in that moment it felt as if I’m the only singleton in the world. I couldn’t understand what was happening; I was a kind person, I had a steady job, and I was an expert in my field. People said I was funny. Still, I was single practically my whole life.


The Change

We are ready to make a change in our lives, when staying the same becomes more painful than changing. And staying the same surely hurt me at that moment. Right then and there I decided that enough is enough. I want change! I want a relationship! I want a relationship with a kind loving man, who will love, support and encourage me in my endeavours, and who will let me love him back with all of my heart. I want that!

As Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once said,

The entire universe conspires to assist you at the moment of commitment. Click To Tweet

It happened to me. My determination led me to resources that helped me overcome my blocks, limiting beliefs and other limitations I had about relationships.

And I had plenty! I wasn’t single for thirty-five years for no reason. Of course there were blocks and limiting beliefs! I found out, what techniques and methods work best for me, tackled the limitations one by one, and in six months the magic happened. I have met a man.


The Man

“Hi, hello!”

I was staring into the computer screen. A man had the nerves to write to me! I just liked his comment in one of the Facebook’s groups. And now he is writing to me. What a nerve! But curiosity was too big, and I clicked on his name. I thoroughly checked his profile, screened all his pictures, read all his posts. Well, at least those in English. Others were in Hindi.

I liked what I saw. He appeared to be kind, and no post made me cringe. That was important. One thing that would aggravate me, and he would be history. Oh, the beauty of internet! No fuss, just one click, and all unpleasantness is gone. Just like that.

But no. He passed my initial guard, so I replied.



The Adventure

Do you know what could happen, if you are open to possibilities? Everything! Anything. Whatever you want.

And if you are not open? Nothing at all.

I opened up to the possibilities and embarked on the adventure of a lifetime. Not alone, though. The man is accompanying me. The kind loving man, who loves, supports and encourages me in my endeavours, and who lets me love him back with all of my heart.

I know, this can happen to you, too. No matter your circumstances, no matter your blocks and limitations. You can do it! All you have to do it is…

Decide. Choose. Be open.


My lovely, what is your experience with changing your relationship status from single to involved? Share your thoughts with me in the comments!


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