30+ and STILL Single

Some time ago a co-worker of mine wanted me to read some interesting piece on 40+ single women and their thoughts on the matter.

“Babe, why? We are thirty years old!”

“Yes, but we are getting there.”

Oh, c’mon, she was even younger than me! In her early thirties she was fretting about her forties. She had a whole decade to find a life partner, but still she looked genuinely worried.

That made me think. Maybe I was a bit too relaxed on the subject. Maybe I should be worried as well, whether or not is too late to find a true love. Or at least a partner who doesn’t bug me too much. After all, I was not getting any younger.

Is it really too late for a woman in her thirties to find a committed relationship? They (who are they, I wonder?) say it is impossible. It seems women bought this crap. It seems to me this limiting belief prevents women over thirty from looking for a committed relationship in the first place. They settle for less.

Because of the fear that their bus had taken off, they settle for one night stands or agree to the displeasing conditions. They are certain that is all they can get once they are over thirty.

Not me, though. I see myself as a late bloomer. I was expecting my true love to be just around the corner. I was expecting us to bump into each other at any moment. And following what I preached in my new book we did!

I hear you laughing and saying I was a dreamer. It surely was a coincidence. It had to be.  Well, I’d rather be a single dreamer and happy than a single realist and miserable. Don’t you?

What do you think? Is it too late for women over thirty to find a loving relationship? Share your thoughts with me in the comments! 




  1. I am 32 and still single. I do not think it is harder for a committed relationship to happen. But in your 30’s we are over the nonsense and are more particular with the type of men we spend time with. That is the way I see it anyway. 30 is not old. There is still time.

    • Yes, I agree with you, Sophia. We have more experience and are more careful in who we choose. That is the reason we don’t consider a lot of potential candidates from the start. That is ok too.

  2. You are still young if you singnal in a long time and then you can get anyone to come to me I’ll take care of you I know what you want I’ll do it for you you are so beautiful don’t worry about that thank you baby come to me

  3. 30 plus and single, I will not compromise on my list of pre-requisites, which I’ve been told, by a male friend, eliminates at least 90% of the male population and the other 10% is in all probability already taken.

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