I support you on your relationship path and encourage you to take responsibility for your happiness, so you can create the life of your dreams. I firmly believe, the world is a better place when people are fulfilled.

My mission is to help people find happiness within.



I’m the author of a book, 7 Daily Habits for Singles Not to Be Single Anymore. I’m also a certified EFT Practitioner and an enthusiastic student of other kinds of self-help techniques, success principles and universal laws.

I was single practically my entire life. Only after I took matters into my own hands, actually used the techniques on myself and became happy with who I am despite being single did I meet a wonderful man to share my life with.

I’m also a proud caretaker of four frisky budgies. That happens when one seeks love for too long. Luckily, by practising what I preach my hoarding days are over!

I would love to learn more about you, too. Drop me a line here.

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