What Would It Take to Get a Loving Man?

I got a question from Julie last night. Here’s what she wrote to me: What would it take for me to finally get a man who loves me? Sometimes I think I will be alone forever. – Julie   I hear you, Julie! Fear of being alone forever is a very common fear. In fact, […]


A Flirting Problem

Here is a message I found in my Facebook mailbox today: I have a flirting problem and every time I flirt with other women my wife cheats on me with different men. How could I fix my marriage?   Dear reader, I believe everybody has a choice in what they do, or don’t do. You […]


Dating After a Divorce: Where to Start

I received another dating question from my reader. She wrote: Hi, Nina! I would like to ask you a question. I’m divorced and want to get out there, but I don’t know how anymore. It’s been 11 years since I’ve dated. Where do I start? Sheryl   Hi! Thank you for your question, Sheryl. Is […]


Should We Stay Friends After the Break Up?

As you might noticed I’ve added a new column to the site – Your Questions. You can ask me about your relationship struggles or dating dilemma and me and other readers will answer your question or offer you our insights.   Here is what Angele wrote to me: Hello Nina, I have been reading your […]

I Have Never Approached a Girl

The question Brandon sent me is one of the most frequently asked questions on social media. Here it is: I have never approached a girl in my life and my friends are mocking me because of that. Please, help me out. Brandon   Hi, Brandon! I’m not really sure what your problem is. Is it […]