A Flirting Problem

Here is a message I found in my Facebook mailbox today:

I have a flirting problem and every time I flirt with other women my wife cheats on me with different men. How could I fix my marriage?


Dear reader,

I believe everybody has a choice in what they do, or don’t do. You too have a choice, whether you will flirt or not. If you choose to flirt then you have to take the responsibility for it. This problem is not bigger than you, and you can overcome it. The question is, if you want to.

Flirting is a wonderful tool to wake up your love juices, but not if you already are in a relationship (except if you flirt with your significant other). Then flirting could be a sign of some deeper issues in the relationship. I can see that this is true in your case, because your wife is also cheating on you. In order to save your marriage you have to tackle these deeper issues. There is no other way.

No matter what the result might be, it would be better than today’s status quo. Either you two kiss and make up or split and move on with your lives, because now you both only hurt each other.


Good luck in whatever you decide!


Crew, what do you think about the reader’s problem? Share your thoughts in the comments below!



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