How You Doin’?

It’s been a while since I was in a last relationship. I didn’t date much since then. Actually, I didn’t date at all. An old saying goes: “Use it or lose it”. So I had lost it. A romantic frame of mind I mean.

If a guy was checking me out, I thought I had something in my hair. Or that he is looking someone behind me. Or that he’s a creep who stares at people. Or I didn’t pay attention to him.

If somebody offered to give me a hand with something, I turned him down saying I can do it by myself. That I’m perfectly capable and I don’t need help.

If friends asked me about my love life, I looked at them with blurry eyes, replying: “Love? Remind me again, what that is.”

The concept of romance was strange to me, and eventually I killed off body sensations as well. I didn’t use them, so why be bothered, right?

As I closed down my body and mind for romantic vibrations, people stopped responding to me in a romantic way. No more secret lascivious glances, no more “hi, baby”s, no more subtle advances or timid smiles.

I entered in a vicious circle of not paying attention to romance and consequently romance not paying attention to me, which kept me in singleness.

I knew something has to be done to exit the circle otherwise I will stay single forever. I was not sure what that was, until a friend of mine gave me an amazing advice. “Start flirting,” she suggested. “It doesn’t matter with whom, as long as they are 18. It doesn’t matter whether you like them or not. You don’t flirt with intention to start a relationship, but rather for the sake of flirting itself.”

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That makes perfect sense! They start to flow through your body again. You start to see romance again, you start to feel it. And as you know, what you focus on expands (T. Harv Eker). You are preparing your body and mind to experience romance again. Plus you build your self-confidence. And it’s fun, too!

You can read more on the subject in 7 Daily Habits for Singles Not to Be Single Anymore.

I took my friend’s advice and started to flirt. Not long after I found myself on a date. It worked! Soooo…

Flirting  How you doin’?

Take the advice. Flirt. I would love to hear how it went. You can submit your story here.


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