Life Lessons of a College Dropout

The following is my guest post for which I’ve joined forces with Enricoh Alfonzo Naidu from Alonzo Words


A father kneeled before his son. He gently stroked the boy’s hair and smiled at him with pride.

“You are such a good boy.”

The son nodded his head, hungry for his father’s praise. He looked up to him, this strong omniscient man. The child adored him. He would do everything for his father’s approval.

“Don’t be like that no good friend of yours, you hear? He only roams around doing nothing. He will never amount to anything! But you. You will go places! You will become a distinguished lawyer and earn tons of money.”

Again, the boy nodded eagerly and ran into his room. He had to study. He had to prove to his father that he is worthy of his love.

Years passed and both the boy and his no good friend went to college. The boy exceeded and made his father even prouder. But his friend struggled and eventually had to drop out of college.

“See? My father was right! He really is no good,” he snorted haughtily.

Even more, years passed and the boy, now a young man and a distinguished lawyer is sitting on a bench in a park. He is eating a stale sandwich, but he doesn’t notice it. He is glaring into the distance. An empty look in his eyes brings to light a painful truth. He is not happy. He doesn’t like what he does for his living; he doesn’t like how he lives. He doesn’t like who he is. In reality, he doesn’t even know who he is!

A pigeon flies over his head and sits on a branch above him. It coos and discretely poops on his shoulder. The last straw! The man starts to cry unstoppably.

He is always working, never taking rest. He never does anything fun. His wife doesn’t love him. And quite frankly, he doesn’t love her either. He only married her, because his father said it is time to get serious. That it is appropriate for a man of his status to have a wife. Not just any wife, oh, no! The one from a respected family.

Earlier that day he met his childhood friend. A small business owner, but he still takes life as a play. He roams around the world. From one of his previous journeys, he brought his new wife with him. What a wife! Ten years older, Philippine woman with two children from her previous relationship. Nevertheless, the friend is thriving.

The saddened lawyer never in his life met such an exuberant person. His childhood friend, that no good drop-out-of-college emanated genuine joy, happiness, and zest for life.

Naturally, the man asked his friend what is his secret. After all, he did drop out of school, so his prospects of success weren’t pleasurable.

The friend grinned in amusement. He leaned towards the man and revealed his wisdom.


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