Your Questions


Are you struggling with being single and need the support of people who truly understand you? Do you have a burning dating question? Do you need to solve a relationship dilemma?

I am happy to give support, inspiration and advice on anything and everything regarding coping with being single, dating, relationships, shaking off the expectations your family has for you, and more, to the best of my knowledge.

Being single practically my entire life, I have ridden the ups and downs of today’s dating world, struggled with social expectations and prejudice, battled with my shyness, and dug deep into my soul to become a happy single.

Email me at and I may select your question to be answered in a form of a blog post. That way you may get an answer from my beautiful readers, too. Sometimes I may also choose to publish public comments if they deserve their own post.

(Note: Your e-mail address will always be kept confidential.)


Your Questions

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