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Hello, my beautiful reader, I’m so glad you stopped by.

I really love to talk about ups and downs of being single, as my entire life was marked by them. I have learnt a lot about being single and ultimately how not to be anymore. I’m more than happy to share my insights with you.

A lot of singles say they will be happy when they are in a relationship. I disagree. My motto is:

“Happy singles happy relationships.” Click To Tweet

That means you will be happy in a relationship only if you are happy single first.



Tell me, my lovely, are you a happy singleton, or are you struggling with your relationship status? Are you rejoicing in life as a single, or are you entrapped in a singleness?

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If you chose YES more than twice in each section, then you are trapped in a Single’s Loop of Despair, my friend. Find out what that is here.

If you already know you have a problem, and you want to know how to escape from all those dreadful limiting beliefs, unpleasant emotions and pressure, check out this post.

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