What Would It Take to Get a Loving Man?

I got a question from Julie last night. Here’s what she wrote to me: What would it take for me to finally get a man who loves me? Sometimes I think I will be alone forever. – Julie   I hear you, Julie! Fear of being alone forever is a very common fear. In fact, […]


3 Proven Steps to Get Out of Single Life

There was some breaking news on TV but I didn’t care about it. I was sobbing into my pillow. Yet again I was disappointed after a hot date I had previously that night. This time I really thought the guy was different. I really wished he would be different. “Aaaah!” The pillow I threw knocked […]


QUIZ: Are You Trapped in a Singles’ Loop of Despair?

You are single for quite some time now. Even though you are looking (and you are looking hard!) you still can’t meet a decent guy/gal to date. There is always something wrong with them. If you like them they don’t return your calls. Or they are just fooling around. Or they carry excess baggage. Maybe you […]


Single Is the New Black Review

THE REVIEW I have to admit I was a little annoyed when I started to read Dr. Karin Anderson Abrell’s book Single Is the New Black: Don’t Wear White ‘Till It’s Right. No Kindle version? That’s odd. On few occasions I even found myself poking the words in hope a dictionary would appear. With that […]