How to Escape the Singles’ Loop of Despair

I was browsing through one of the FB dating groups the other day. I do that now and then to see whether something has changed since I was looking to meet someone online. In case you are wondering, it hasn’t changed a bit for the last 15 years. As I was perusing the posts, I was […]

No. 1 Fear When Being Single

I know some singles are struggling with their relationship status and/or their environment. As I’ve explained in this post, they are dealing with inner and outer pressure of being single. But I was curious, what is the number one struggle they are facing as singles. So I’ve asked my readers what is bothering them the […]

Are You Trapped in a Singles’ Loop of Despair?

“Singles’ what??” Singles’ Loop of Despair. If you are single for quite some time now, chances are you are trapped in it. Consciously or unconsciously. But let me explain what the Singles’ Loop of Despair actually is.   The Singles’ Loop of Despair The Singles’ Loop of Despair is a concept I came up with […]

How to Overcome Your Feelings of Low Self-Worth

The following is my guest post originally published at Hello Hustle.    Was your self-worth ever compromised? Some time ago I’ve been dealing with strong feelings of low self-worth, too. I was caught in a vicious circle of self-loathing, blaming myself for that, being ashamed for being me and self-loathing even more. I was so […]

How to Wipe Out Your Shyness for Good

So, you are shy. And? “What do you mean, and?” you mumble in discontent. What does it mean that you are shy? How does it show in your life? How does it show in your relationships and with your dating efforts? Think about it. I see you don’t know how to talk to a boy […]