What Love Languages Do You Speak

Melanie was washing the dishes while Bill was outside washing her car. She sighted quietly. Emptiness in her eyes revealed she was not happy with the relationship. “Cars! He loves those freaking cars more than me! He always talks about them. I don’t care if he changed the damn alternator. I don’t even know what that […]


The Wishing Well

Once upon a time there was a well located right between two villages. It was told its water had magical powers, and the dwellers of both villages were coming to the well to ladle it. But God forbid they would meet! The dwellers of Upwood and Downwood were determined opponents. Why? No one knows, as […]

How to Know You Are Truly Ready for Love

“Oh, why me!? Why nobody loves me? What is wrong with me?” I was unstoppably sobbing into a pillow for the X-th time. The pain of loneliness overran my body, while my mind was drowning in gloomy thoughts. Normally, I was OK with being single. I got used to it. That’s how it was. That’s who […]

30+ and STILL Single

Some time ago a co-worker of mine wanted me to read some interesting piece on 40+ single women and their thoughts on the matter. “Babe, why? We are thirty years old!” “Yes, but we are getting there.” Oh, c’mon, she was even younger than me! In her early thirties she was fretting about her forties. […]

The Surefire Way of Finding the Love of Your Life

The following is my first guest post, originally published at Vishnu’s Virtues.   “What about love?” My grandmother asked me this question a million times. And the answer was always the same. Nothing much. “How come, Nina? I’m reading your horoscope all the time, and it constantly mentions love and marriage are in the stars […]

How You Doin’?

It’s been a while since I was in a last relationship. I didn’t date much since then. Actually, I didn’t date at all. An old saying goes: “Use it or lose it”. So I had lost it. A romantic frame of mind I mean. If a guy was checking me out, I thought I had […]