The Wishing Well

Once upon a time there was a well located right between two villages. It was told its water had magical powers, and the dwellers of both villages were coming to the well to ladle it. But God forbid they would meet! The dwellers of Upwood and Downwood were determined opponents. Why? No one knows, as often is the case in such situations.

Lovely Mariann from Downwood often came to the well to scoop the water. When one day she was approaching the well, she saw a fetching stranger drinking from it. The beneficent water was pouring down his chin onto his shirt, already wet. They gazed at each other shyly. It was love at first sight, that kind of love you only read about in romance novels.

But there was a problem. Louis lived in Upwood, and therefore their relationship was not possible. Oh, what would others think if they knew! Every night, when it was dark enough to hide oneself from nosy parkers, they’d meet by the well and stay in each other’s arms the whole night. They would moan and groan about their misfortune.

What they didn’t know (nobody knew, not even the eldest gossipmonger) was that the well was the home to a kind-hearted but grumpy old dwarf, who was easily annoyed. Naturally, after a while, the dwarf was fed up with young lovers’ desperate cries. You would be too, if your bed was wet from all those tears!

So, the dwarf sneaked up behind the miserable lovers’ backs one night and pulled them into the well. Shaken at first, the young lovers soon realized they could finally be together forever.

Grateful for the answer to their hearts’ desires, Mariann and Louis are, to this day, fulfilling any wish one whispers into their well. Just be careful not to bother them too much!

Tell them your true wish and embrace the magic.

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